I Dream of Video Games

I’ve always wanted to do art for video games. As someone who used to draw out their own Super Mario Bros levels, it’s been ingrained in me. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but it’s still a goal. Lately more than ever, though, I’ve been doing a lot of random character concepts and whatnot. Thought I’d share some here.

Level 2 Boss photo 2

Level 2 Boss, Level 5 Boss

Mega Man remains one of my all time favorite game series (though my skills have greatly deteriorated with age), and a big part of why is the bosses. Bosses are wonderful, especially when bosses go all out. So these are some random bosses I created in the spirit of Mega Man, Level 2 Boss aka Blade Arms and Level 5 Boss aka Fire Arms. Wouldn’t it be great if there really was a video game featuring these two meanies? Let’s make it happen.

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